Contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Jüstrich Cosmetics AG is the manufacturer of premium Swiss-quality cosmetics for you – manufacturing cosmetic products for corporate customers.

Swiss cosmetic products are extremely popular and sell very well. As a certified Swiss cosmetics manufacturer and producer of beauty and skin care products, we offer a full range of services to cosmetic retail brands in a modular form (private label). Make use of our know-how in specific fields, for example in the manufacture and filling of bulk products. Or take advantage of our full service package – from the further development of your cosmetic formulations through to the packaging of your cosmetic products and the logistics of your skin care line.

Contract Manufacturing

Jüstrich Cosmetics AG manufactures modern, innovative speciality cosmetics to order. (Private Label)

Full Service

Our state-of-the-art production facility is fully equipped to meet successfully the contract manufacturing needs of our customers.

Your Benefits

Consultancy & Services
Swiss Quality

Pri­vate Label

Private labels are very popular and generate strong sales.

Jüstrich Cosmetics is an established partner for private labels. We develop and produce cosmetics of the highest quality on your behalf and under your brand name. You can rely on us.


Do you know CBG? This powerful cannabinoid from the hemp plant is perfect for skin care due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. We are ready to produce your cosmetic formulas with CBG!


Prime Line

With this brand-new cosmetics line, you have the opportunity to give your product a personal touch. Launch your customised product tomorrow. Slow-ageing, moisturising, ultra-soothing. With fermented red algae and upcycled barley.


Product Samples

Cosmetic samples are essential in promoting a product to a particular target group. We ensure a successful product launch by providing sachets and mini tubes.


Cosmetic products ‘Made in Switzerland’ have a great reputation

Premium Swiss-quality cosmetic products enjoy an excellent reputation both domestically and abroad. Exclusivity, tradition, and high-quality ingredients in particular are all persuasive factors in the demanding cosmetics market. As a Swiss cosmetics manufacturer, Jüstrich Cosmetics is the right partner to have at your side. Our cosmetic products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland.

  • Luxury cosmetics appeal to discerning customers who place high value on beauty and skin care.
  • ‘Made in Switzerland’ is an established quality mark for cosmetics that your customers can trust. This means your products stand out radically from the competition.
  • Swiss-quality cosmetics are based on the very latest research. Medical findings are incorporated into the further development of existing cosmetic formulations. For our natural cosmetic products we use certified natural ingredients.
  • First class ingredients and high quality standards are the best foundation for high-quality cosmetics and skin care products, and thus for the success of your company.
  • Tradition forms values. Cosmetics from Switzerland are well established on the market. The manufacture of cosmetics in the region creates the optimum conditions for long-term collaboration – all in the interests of your cosmetic product lines.
  • We are specialist manufacturers of cosmetics and hand sanitiser for corporate customers.

‘Swissness’ legislation for Swiss cosmetics manufacturers

In order to declare your product to be of Swiss origin, at least 80 percent of the research, development and production costs and 60 percent of the manufacturing costs must arise in Switzerland. With Jüstrich Cosmetics AG as your Swiss cosmetics developer and manufacturer you can have faith in our transparent processes and traceability for everything related to the manufacture of your cosmetic products, while you concentrate on the marketing.

Private Label

Private labels are very popular and generate strong sales. Jüstrich Cosmetics is an established partner for private labels. We develop and produce cosmetics of the highest quality on your behalf and under your brand name. You can rely on us.

Contract Manufacturing

Jüstrich Cosmetics is the professional Swiss cosmetics manufacturer for you. With contract manufacturing you make use of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to constantly improve your cosmetics and keep them attractive. By out-sourcing the production of your cosmetics to us and giving us the contract to manufacture them, your company can focus completely on marketing and brand management. A win-win situation. We take care of the production and filling of your cosmetics lines. This also applies to our skin-friendly hand sanitiser which we manufacture for you under a private label.

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