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As a product developer and contract manufacturer, we at Jüstrich Cosmetics develop and produce outstanding speciality cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is founded on the subtle and carefully balanced use of the finest natural raw materials together with the latest cosmetic ingredients. Our partners throughout the world benefit from our decades of experience.


As an innovative partner we rapidly create high-quality personal care products to order – all ‘Made in Switzerland’. If required we can undertake all stages of the process right through to the finished product.

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The foundations for Jüstrich Cosmetics are laid by a small and innovative family-run business in eastern Switzerland. Active emulsions and creams are created in Rorschach from hand-picked Alpine herbs and plants. Right from the start, great importance is attached to the highest quality.

In 2007, the success story reaches new heights: Nahrin Holding AG, which has specialised in valuable food and nutritional supplements since 1954, takes over the cosmetics company. This is the origin of today’s Jüstrich Cosmetics.

Our development and production is efficient and always at the cutting edge thanks to our modern production infrastructure, the expert advice we receive and our many years of market experience. Together with our customers, we realise private label products in the best possible way.