Company profile

What are your core competencies?

The development and production of personal care products – Made in Switzerland.

Are the products developed in Switzerland?


Is all the manufacturing and filling carried out in Switzerland?

Yes. All products are entitled to carry the ‘Made in Switzerland’ designation.

Do you have your own in-house brand?


Contract Manufacturing

What types of product can be processed?

Aqueous formulations, oily formulations, surfactant formulations, emulsions (W/O and O/W), gels (oil gels and hydrogels)

What types of packaging can be filled?

Tubes, jars, cans, bottles, airless dispensers, airless tubes, airless jars, sachets, etc.

What quantities can be filled?

1.5 – 1000ml

Can you fill sachets?


What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity is 150kg bulk and 5,000 unit pieces of the finished article.

Can I supply my own raw materials?

Yes. In principal this is possible. The prerequisite is sufficient supporting documentation.

How long is the lead time from initial idea to finished product?

If we are working with a base formulation that has been slightly adapted to suit the customer’s requirements, then the product can be ready for delivery in approximately 4 months. If a product has to be developed completely from scratch, it should take about 6 months to deliver.

How long do the legally prescribed tests take?

The legally prescribed storage tests in the original container take about 3 months.

Product development

Do you have recipes that have already been developed?

Yes. Jüstrich Cosmetics offers a wide range of ready-to-use formulations in the field of personal care. Select your choice of active ingredient, fragrance and packaging and you could launch your own tailor-made product onto the market as early as tomorrow. For further information contact your customer adviser.

Do you have experience in the development of natural cosmetic products?


Will any development expenses be incurred?

Development costs are agreed between the parties. These costs comprise product development including sampling, storage tests and microbiological tests.


Do you offer assistance in registering the product?

Jüstrich Cosmetics prepares all the necessary documents in accordance with EU and CH legislation. Our regulatory specialists also assist you with international Registration.

Does a PIF need to be compiled for each product?

All products marketed in Switzerland and the EU must have their own PIF (Product Information File).

Who compiles the PIF?

Jüstrich Cosmetics is responsible for compiling the PIF.


Who procures the packaging?

We are happy to assess your packaging requirements and to purchase it on your behalf. Packaging can also of course be sourced and supplied by the customer.

Who designs the layout?

The customer creates the layout together with their design agency. We advise you regarding any legal requirements. Die cuts for labels, folding boxes, tubes, leaflets, etc. are provided by Jüstrich Cosmetics.

I do not have my own in-house design agency.

Jüstrich Cosmetics has access to a large network of contacts in the cosmetics industry and is happy to assist you.


Under what conditions should cosmetic products be stored?

Cosmetic products can be stored at room temperature. For long-term storage, we recommend 14-18 degrees, in a cool, dry and dark place.