Contract manufacturing & contract filling

of cosmetics in modules

Jüstrich Cosmetics is a reliable contract manufacturer of cosmetics based in Switzerland.

We offer cosmetic products ‘Made in Switzerland’. When it comes to the development of cosmetics and the efficient manufacture of skin care products, what is essential is in-depth knowledge, a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the very latest technology – Jüstrich Cosmetics offers you all of this. All in the cosmetics sector who decide on contract manufacturing can save on operating costs and also reduce entrepreneurial risk.

Jüstrich Cosmetics for the contract manufacturing of cosmetics

We offer all our services either separately or as a full service package in a system of modules personally tailored to your needs, from your initial idea to product delivery. Save your energies and expertise for marketing and place your trust in us as contract manufacturers.

  • Contract manufacturing is of particular interest to SMEs with medium sales volumes. Outsourcing cosmetics production makes perfect sense for those for whom owning their own production facility is not economically viable or the renewal of ageing machinery is too high an investment.
  • Benefit from a high degree of flexibility. Harness the capabilities of our state-of-the-art facilities without having to operate them yourself.
  • When it comes to the further development of skin care products, Jüstrich Cosmetics’ trump card is their many years of experience in contract manufacturing. Take advantage of our expertise in every field related to cosmetics.
  • Spare yourself the time-consuming certification process. Jüstrich Cosmetics manufactures to premium Swiss quality standards and has a range of certifications. We meet all international standards – including for halal and vegan natural cosmetics, and for speciality products for people with allergies.
  • We are your trustworthy contract manufacturer for all cosmetic and skin care products. As contract manufacturers we guarantee high quality and traceability.

Bulk manufacturing

Jüstrich Cosmetics offers consistent high quality in the manufacturing of bulk products. From liquids to pastes: emulsions, shampoos, ointments, creams, gels, lotions, liquids and countless speciality products are produced in our bulk plant.

Contract filling

In contract filling we undertake for you the filling, labelling and packaging of your cosmetic and skin care products. We fill cosmetics in tubes, jars, cans, bottles, airless dispensers, sachets and mini tubes.

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer or contract producer of cosmetic products?

Contract manufacturing is a matter of trust. At Jüstrich Cosmetics you will find the best possible conditions for the long-term success of your cosmetic products! Contact us and get to know us. We are happy to act as your contract manufacturer and provide you with our full service package (packaging, manufacturing, filling and packaging materials).


We manufacture your products in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Prime Line


Face and body care, creams, serums and pastes

Hand sanitizer


Reliable protection against coronaviruses

Private Label

Ready-to-use base formulations or your own personalised developments

Quali­ty Assurance

GMP compliant production processes – for us, this is given


Excellent software for optimum operating procedures


We orga­nise the efficient transport of goods from A to B

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