Award-winning chef Torsten Götz cooks at Jüstrich Cosmetics for KitchenCase

Jüstrich Cosmetics AG is well known for not letting any opportunity go up in flames and in June, together with Torsten Götz, they conjured up a delicious meal. The dishes were enhanced with specially selected raw ingredients supplied by the Swiss contract manufacturer of innovative speciality cosmetics. The cookery show will be shown on SAT.1  Schweiz this September.

Innovative approaches and openness to new ideas are a long-standing tradition at Jüstrich Cosmetics. In June the Jüstrich team faced another new challenge when CEO Jürg König invited the Swiss celebrity chef Torsten Götz to Berneck. There the state-of-the-art research and development laboratory was rapidly transformed into a kitchen. Every day the Swiss family-owned company develops creams, serums, lotions, sprays, mousses, shampoos and exfoliants here – all specially tailored to the requirements of its customers. Many successful international beauty products have their origins in this laboratory.

Good for you both inside and out

To produce something good, you must use the best ingredients – this philosophy is shared by both Torsten Götz and Jüstrich Cosmetics. For its highly effective skin care lines, the cosmetics company uses precious active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and high-quality Alpine herbs. Torsten Götz, too, flies the flag for healthy cuisine using the finest ingredients. And so, the chemistry was right from the start, and the popular KitchenCase show was an impressive experience and culinary highlight for all involved.

Creative forces simmering away

The cosmetics industry is inspired by the food industry. Many raw materials that are used in kitchens all over the world have been adopted by the cosmetics industry. At the KitchenCase event, the television chef took much of his inspiration from the latest trends at Jüstrich and introduced a large dose of creativity. He drizzled the cod fillet wrapped in bacon with hemp oil and served it with pea and sweet potato puree. The crowning glory of the meal was the chia pudding dessert with summer berries and mint.

Precious extracts of hemp, pea, chia and peppermint

These are all raw ingredients used by Jüstrich to develop successful skin care products. Pea extract promotes hair growth, chia extract soothes sensitive skin and the refreshing, vitalizing fragrance of peppermint is a popular essential oil in creams.

At the PLMA trade fair in Amsterdam at the end of May 2019 Jüstrich Cosmetics presented a wide range of innovative hemp-based cosmetics lines “Made in Switzerland”. Cannabidiol and hemp oil are highly effective active ingredients derived from the hemp plant that are particularly beneficial to sensitive skin. The liposomal method of delivery used by Jüstrich Cosmetics makes the ingredients in CBD particularly effective as they are able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

Sunday, 8th of September 2019, at 19:55 on SAT.1 Schweiz (first broadcast)
Wednesday, 11th of September 2019, at 19:55 on SAT.1 Schweiz (repetition)

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