A passion for developing

Creating your unique product line with passion and enthusiasm.

Our cosmetics experts have many years of professional experience in the development of cosmetic products. We put heart and soul into developing modern, high-quality, safe recipes for you – bespoke, and tailored exclusively to your requirements.

Whether it is energy cosmetics, oxygenated cosmetics or cosmetics made from ‘super-foods’: we keep up to date with all current trends and we are always on the ball for you with contemporary market-attractive products.

The buzzword is innovative speciality cosmetics: we combine your ideas with current trends in the cosmetic industry and the latest active ingredients.

The building blocks of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG’s success include the subtle and balanced use of the latest compounds and bioactive substances, and the incorporation of medicinal plants, selected medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and high-quality Alpine herbs which have proved their worth for centuries.