Whether you are looking for development, production or filling – we are the specialists for your personal care products. Our many years of experience in the cosmetics industry and our modern infrastructure allow us to cover all areas of skin care cosmetic products.

Product­ areas

Our core business is the development, contract manufacture and filling of cosmetic products. In addition, we fill medical products to order.

Product ­groups

Our portfolio comprises a complete range of skin care cosmetic products, from facial care, to body and hair care.

Product ­types

From creams to serums, lotions, sprays, mousses, shampoos, exfoliants etc. – we specialise in a wide range of product types.

Product areas

Cosmetic products

This is where our core competencies lie. According to the EU directive on cosmetic products, a cosmetic product is any substance or mixture intended to be placed in contact with external parts of the human body or oral cavity. Their task is to clean and protect the epidermis, hair, nails, lips, external genital organs, teeth and mucous membranes of the oral cavity and to keep them in good condition, perfume them, change their appearance and correct body odours.

Medicinal products

Differentiating between curative cosmetic products and medicinal products is not always simple. When limits are exceeded or claims are made of a cosmetic product’s medicinal effect, it becomes a medicinal product. The field of curative cosmetics i.e. ‘Cosmeceuticals’ is one of our strengths. For this reason we count pharmaceutical companies among our clients. However, in this field responsibility for the product and the duty to register it lies with the client.

Product groups

Body care

Innovative forms of application and textures characterise this product group: trendy gel oils, multifunctional products, refreshing body mists, concentrated body serums and other products that are ‘simply different’ and reflect the times. We create for you a unique personal care line to meet the precise needs of your target group.

Hair care

Hair care products are particularly demanding. On the one hand there is the increase in scalp problems, with a growing number of people affected by irritated, flaky skin on their heads. On the other, topics such as anti-pollution, detox and micellar technology are now also gaining ground in the field of hair cosmetic products. We are happy to advise you on hair care and hair styling products, for professional use, too.

Facial care

The beauty trend of ‘layering’ has now reached facial care: a number of cosmetic products are applied one after the other in a specific order – for an even more effective result. Sensitive skin is an increasing problem. Nearly every other woman complains of sensitive skin tending towards dryness that reddens easily. Here, ‘probiotics’ can help: these so-called friendly bacteria restore the balance of the skin.

You will find examples of our current recipes listed here:
Body care

Body lotion
Body spray / Body mist
Hand care
Foot care
Shower gel
Shower foam
Bath products
Exfoliating products
Skin care and massage oil
Sunscreen products
Children’s skin care

Facial care

Day / Night cream
Eye care
Facial toner / Tonic
Facial cleanser
Facial exfoliant
Facial masks
Skin care concentrates / ampoules
Lip care

Hair care

Hair masks
Scalp serum
Styling gel
Styling wax
Styling cream
Hair oil
Heat protection spray

Product types

Our contract manufacturing includes the following product types:

  • Aqueous formulations (hair water, micellar water, deo sprays etc.)
  • Oily formulations (body oils, face oils, massage oils etc.)
  • Surfactant formulations (shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansing foam etc.)
  • Emulsions (W/O and O/W) (body ­lotions, face creams, hand ­creams etc.)
  • Gels (oil gels and water) (hair gel, body gel oil, herbal ­gel etc.)