Karma cosmetic products from the best in the industry


In ABHATI SUISSE, entrepreneur Anju Rupal has created a brand to which the best names in the beauty industry have given their expertise free of charge out of their belief in her. The ambitious ABHATI circle of friends, which includes perfume pioneer Geza Schoen, hair and skin care experts, and the renowned design studio Paperlux, has created unique and holistic luxury products of the highest quality and effectiveness, combining Swiss science with the Ayurvedic tradition. “ABHATI is more than a range of products, it is an opportunity to improve the lives of many people,” says Anju Rupal.

In Sanskrit ABHATI means light, peace and love. This Indian name is a reference to Swiss entrepreneur Anju Rupal’s heritage. “I want to bring together the world of luxury and the bathrooms of the western world with the basic human right to hygiene and education – in other words, sustainable help for self-help,” explains Rupal.

The beauty brand ABHATI aims to improve the lives of girls and women in India through education and empowerment. A percentage of the proceeds goes to the non-profit organization ‘educategirls.in’, which works to improve the education and hygiene standards of socially disadvantaged women and children.

To bring ABHATI’s idea to life, Anju Rupal drew on her high-end network of leading designers, skincare experts and chemists, all of whom, without exception, put their expertise to work for ABHATI free of charge. So within three years Rupal created a range of natural skin and hair care products. To create the creams, shampoos and hair oil, Jüstrich Cosmetics used natural organic herbal essences both from the Swiss Alps and from regions in the Himalayas, thus combining the formulas and manufacturing technology of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG with India’s Ayurvedic tradition.

“I am certain that women in particular will chose ABHATI products because they deliver quality and results,” says Anju Rupal. “All the formulations are highly effective, fantastic to use and beautifully designed. ABHATI works holistically in every way and will inspire women of all ages.”