Sustainability that comes from inner conviction

Being serious about sustainability means aiming for the highest quality. We achieve this in the following ways:

Sustainability in sourcing

We rely on sustainably sourced raw materials and enter into partnerships with suppliers who share our values. Through constant dialogue with them, we develop innovative solutions such as alternative packaging materials.

Water is an integral part of almost every step of our work and therefore careful handling of this valuable resource is a matter of course for us. All water is obtained from a local potable water source and purified to pharmaceutical standards using state-of-the-art methods.

Regular training and education on the topic of sustainability for our employees not only ensures that they are sensitised to this issue but also harmonises their individual needs with our corporate strategy.

Sustainability in all our processes

The concept of sustainability is always present in every step of our work. This applies, for example, to reducing the reject rate by means of process optimisation, checking all manufacturing processes for sustainable energy use and local storage solutions for the avoidance of lengthy journeys.

Continuous improvement of sustainability

Participation in a German federal government programme obliges our production to reduce CO2 emissions by 2% each year. These and other targets are checked by regular audits which show where there is potential for improvement.

Brand neutrality

Jüstrich Cosmetics is independent and neutral. We have no brands of our own and are thus fully committed to serving our customers. We can therefore safely exclude any conflicts of interest. We are your partner for the development, production and filling of high-quality private label cosmetic products ‘Made in Switzerland’.