Productivity not complexity

Use of the m|ES logistics module guarantees us a good overview of all processes.

The m|ES logistics module enables us to record on site and in real time the flow of goods and information in the factory using mobile computing and AIDC technology (barcodes) both quantitatively and qualitatively, via mobile or fixed terminals and to make available information for operating procedures. Automatically and manually captured data is transmitted to the m|ES platform where it is evaluated, visualised and forwarded on. In this way our employees receive information for controlling and planning our business processes and stock levels, and are able to react immediately to any changes.

Processes including goods receipt, order picking, goods dispatch, inventory, and entering and leaving stock can be recorded and processed in a standard form and a user-friendly manner.

Our customers can choose from a wide range of containers

Goods receipt:

Downstream processes can only run smoothly when the right material is available at the right time and at the right place. Precise management of incoming goods is essential for quality assurance in accordance with our quality assurance system (QA).

  • Goods receipt on purchase order
  • Recording serial and batch numbers
  • Triage for quality inspection
  • Label printing
  • Storing with storage bin notification

Order picking:

Picking with a hand-held scanner ensures quality assurance, reduces errors and is significantly more efficient. A rapid and error-free picking process is the foundation for a successful relationship with your customers.

  • Picking sales and production orders
  • Splitting between several people or pickers
  • Variants such as group or two-way order picking
  • Progress monitor for monitoring and controls
  • Recording serial and batch numbers
  • Label printing (your customers’ special labels too)
  • Print management (delivery notes etc.)

Goods dispatch:

Hand-held scanners ensure precise management of outgoing goods, prevent errors and assure quality.

  • Scanning shipment tracking number
  • Validating and packing articles
  • Recording serial and batch numbers
  • Ensuring traceability