Cosmetics production

Immense expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure: An unbeatable combination

Flexible and modern infrastructure guarantees efficient contract manufacturing and filling of emulsions, liquid and waxy products, oils and sticks in various sizes.

The use of upscaling methods ensures that cosmetics production always remains customisable. You can start with small quantities and change these as required according to market demands. A wide range of machinery and extensive in-process controls ensure high quality and rapid customisation. After production and subsequent stringent quality control, the products are filled and either dispatched directly or further processed.

Containers for cosmetic products

Your cosmetic product can be packaged in sizes ranging from 1.5ml to 1000ml as well as in different materials and shapes. We offer a wide range of containers:









Airless Dispenser

Airless Dispenser




Mini Tubes

Whether it is cans in glass or plastic, PE or laminate tubes, glass or plastic bottles, glass or plastic airless dispensers, deodorant packaging or sachets – we find the correct packaging for your product.

Packaging materials

We are also happy to advise you on sustainable packaging solutions. When it comes to “recycle, replace, reuse and reduce” there is a multitude of options for cosmetic packaging made from sugar cane, chalk, wood, recycled plastic (PCR post-consumer recycled) etc.

The partner company for you for the production of Swiss cosmetics

As a manufacturer of cosmetics, Jüstrich Cosmetics produces outstanding speciality cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is founded on the subtle and carefully balanced use of the finest natural raw materials together with the latest cosmetic ingredients. Our partners and consumers throughout the world benefit from our decades of experience.

Jüstrich Cosmetics offers you the best solutions for the manufacture of your cosmetic products. Contact us. We look forward to meeting you.