Quality Assurance

Our promise

The performance promise of the Swiss family-owned company Jüstrich Cosmetics AG is defined by tradition, high quality and comprehensive customer service.

The products of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG are subjected to strict and exacting quality controls. Clinical and dermatological testing guarantees the marketability and compatibility of our products. We manufacture to GMP standards.

For us, observing Switzerland’s exacting quality and purity standards is a given.

Throughout the product development stage we constantly consider the toxicological values ​​of the raw materials and define the importance of the ingredients within the recipe. In our state-of-the-art laboratory we regularly check compliance with defined quality standards through process and final inspections. These are assured through:

  • Microbiological stress tests
  • Packaging compatibility tests
  • Dermatological tests
  • Efficacy studies as required by the customer
  • Stability tests
  • Training and monitoring of hygiene regulations
  • Audits

Our Certifications


We provide seamless batch traceability for every single product as a matter of course.

All stages of the manufacturing process are documented precisely. Each finished article is marked with a unique batch number. In the event of any complaint we can reconstruct the supply chain for each production batch using this batch number.