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We create success for your project. We manage your private label from the initial consultation through to delivery of the finished cosmetic product with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

The recipe for the success of your cosmetic product. Our innovative product lines provide the perfect foundation for the development of your own bespoke cosmetic product. The finest private label.

To achieve a profitable product you need a clearly defined concept that you are passionate about. Our specialists and experts in the cosmetics industry are here to advise you, all the way from your initial idea to the finished cosmetic product – ‘Made in Switzerland’. Employing innovative ideas we will help you to come up with unique skin care products. And all at a competitive price for the development, contract manufacturing and contract filling.

Private label – Your recipe for success

With private label you can bring your own individual cosmetic product to the market while saving yourself the investment in the complete infrastructure needed for its development and manufacture.

As your service provider Jüstrich Cosmetics develops and produces cosmetic products to meet your concept and ideas. Here, our high-quality basic range enormously simplifies the development phase. This leaves you with a larger budget for marketing your cosmetic product.

With private label you bring to the market your own cosmetic product that you have designed yourself – based on our formulations. A completely different approach from white label products, where the identical product is sold under different brand names.

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Pure Line: the optimum way to your private label

Our Pure Line range of cosmetic products uses organic state-of-the-art raw materials that offer excellent skin compatibility. It is free from all harmful ingredients, making it ideal for the discerning consumer of today. The perfect foundation for your private label.

Select your choice of active ingredient, fragrance and packaging and you could launch your own bespoke product on the market as early as tomorrow. The 13 formulations in Jüstrich Cosmetics Pure Line provide you with the optimum starting point:

6 face care formulations

Face Cream | Night Cream | Eye Cream | Serum | Cleansing Cream | Clay Mask

5 body care formulations

Hand Cream | Foot Cream | Deo Roll-on | Shower Gel | Body Lotion

2 hair care formulations

Shampoo | Conditioner

Your benefits

Using Pure Line for your private label

  • A ready-made concept – from the development of the formulation, to the filling, through to the design of the packaging
  • European beech (Fagus sylvatica) extract as an upcycled raw material
  • An attractive price
  • Short time to market
  • No development costs
  • Free from harmful ingredients
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Made in Switzerland – a label respected around the world
  • Vegan

CBD Line: ingredients derived from the hemp plant

Take advantage of today’s most promising trend for your private label cosmetics

Cannabidiol and hemp oil are particularly beneficial for sensitive skin and are able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. The latest research findings show that hemp boosts the skin’s own repair mechanism and cell regeneration. Hemp also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As inflammation accelerates the ageing process in the skin, this means that CBD cosmetics have a strong anti-ageing effect.

Select the fragrance and design to appeal to the target group of your private label and launch your own CBD product line on the market in the shortest time. The 4 CBD formulations together with the 12 Pure Line formulations are the perfect foundation for your successful unisex product (hemp cosmetic products are suitable for both men and women).

2 face care formulations

CBD Facial Cleansing Foam | CBD Ampoules/Serum

2 body care formulations (curative)

CBD Warming Balm | CBD Cooling Balm

Your Benefits

Using the CBD line for your private label

  • All the benefits of Pure Line
  • CBD is right on trend
  • CBD stimulates the skin’s own cell regeneration
  • CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – anti-ageing effect

Superior Line: a private label to meet the highest expectations

Cosmetics are now focussing on the skin microbiome. The latest research findings show that probiotic skin care products contribute to maintaining the health of skin microbiota.

Select your choice of active ingredient, fragrance and packaging and you could launch your own bespoke product on the market as early as tomorrow. The 8 cosmetic formulations provide the perfect foundation to meet the highest expectations.

6 face care formulations

Day Cream SPF 30 | 24 Hour Cream | Face Serum | Eye Cream | Peeling Mask |  Face Tonic

2 body care formulations

Hand Serum | Body Serum

Skin microbiome

Using a tried-and-tested probiotic ingredient, Superior Line helps to maintain the balance of the skin and ensure it functions healthily.

Protective Line: Essential Oils for Protection in Everyday Life

In recent years demand has grown for products that protect against bacteria and viruses. Add to your product range products that both nourish and provide a feeling of confidence all day long!

PROTECTIVE LINE uses a specially developed plant complex that not only helps to restore the natural protective barrier of the skin, it also contains a wide range of plant extracts that have antiviral and antiseptic properties.

4 body care formulations

Hand Soap / Hand Cream / Mouth Spray / Hand Sanitising Gel

1 technical formulation

Room Spray

2 biocide formulations

Hand Sanitising Gel / Hand Sanitising Spray

Combine 2-3 products and create your own «Stay Safe» set, or add individual products to your existing product line.

Your Benefits

  • Essential oils contain antiviral and antiseptic properties
  • The perfect supplement to hand sanitisers
  • A gift idea – option of selling as a set (cross-selling)

Do you have any questions about the contract manufacture of cosmetics?

Working together for your cosmetics label

Contact us today. As your private label cosmetics manufacturer we at Jüstrich Cosmetics look forward to receiving your product ideas and offer you the best solutions for the product development, and contract manufacturing and filling of high-quality cosmetic products. All our products are manufactured in Switzerland.