Cosmetics production

Cosmetics manufacturing and contract filling

We produce cosmetic products in Switzerland – emulsions, shampoos, ointments, lotions and bespoke speciality cosmetic products.

Jüstrich Cosmetics, based at its production site in Switzerland, undertakes the high-quality bulk production of cosmetic and skin care products, and will also take care of the filling, packaging and distribution of your product.

Swiss cosmetics manufactured and filled at Jüstrich Cosmetics

We produce your cosmetics, speciality cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics in Switzerland. Take advantage of our broad experience in the manufacture and contract filling of a wide range of cosmetics. Our production portfolio includes:

  • Swiss contract manufacturing of skin care products such as lotions, skin creams, face creams, serums, exfoliants and shower gels
  • Also the manufacture of hair products such as shampoos, hairsprays and conditioning oils
  • The production of cosmetic preparations for problem skin and also foot care products as ointments and creams
  • The contract manufacture of cosmetic sunscreen products and cosmetic products for hotels
  • The contract manufacture of natural cosmetics, cosmetics with pure essential oils, herbal cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and halal skin care products
  • The contract filling of wellness cosmetics such as bath additives, aloe vera products, serums
  • The filling of sports cosmetics, baby care products, liquid cosmetics, hemp cosmetic products
  • The contract manufacture of ampoules, cosmetic formulations and eye cosmetics

Bulk plant

Our specially designed processing plant with full electronic control lies at the heart of our cosmetics production.

With our flexible and state-of-the-art infrastructure we guarantee both the efficient contract manufacturing of emulsions, shampoos, ointments, lotions and countless other products, and their filling.

Capacities for cosmetics production

The production capacity of our bulk plant is up to three tonnes. An extensive range of plant gives us a high degree of flexibility when it comes to mixing, manufacturing and filling bulk products.

Fryma Koruma Dynex 400

  • Bulk filling volume max 350kg
  • Year 2015

Fryma Koruma Dynex 700

  • Bulk filling volume max 500kg
  • with integrated CIP function
  • Year 2016


  • Bulk filling volume max 550kg
  • Year 1998


  • Bulk filling volume max 1300kg

Labelling can be printed with:

  • Inkjet
  • Laser

Filling machines

A cutting edge production facility is available for the filling of bulk products.

  • Grisona Manual Filling Appliance
  • Axomatic 1: tubes
  • Axomatic 2: tubes
  • Bünder & Schmitt: bottles, airless dispensers, jars
  • PKB 1: bottles, airless dispensers, jars
  • PKB/BAL: jars with sealing station


Jüstrich Cosmetics is also excellently equipped with a wide range of plant for packaging your products:

  • Jakob & Wienmeier: cartoning
  • Brunner: cartoning
  • Sollas 60: overwrapping
  • Sollas 20: overwrapping
  • Schrumpf-MC: shrink wrapping
  • Dachuan: sachets
  • Amtec: sachets


This range of machinery enables us to provide solutions for a wide variety of containers:

  • Labelling
  • Banding
  • Seals of authenticity with aluminium foil
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Overwrapping
  • Cartoning
  • Manual cartoning

Containers for cosmetic products

Your cosmetic product can be packaged in sizes ranging from 1.5ml to 1000ml as well as in different materials and shapes. We offer a wide range of containers:









Airless Dispenser

Airless Dispenser



Mini Tubes

Mini Tubes

Whether it is cans in glass or plastic, PE or laminate tubes, glass or plastic bottles, glass or plastic airless dispensers, deodorant packaging or sachets – we find the correct packaging for your product.

Packaging materials

We are also happy to advise you on sustainable packaging solutions. When it comes to “recycle, replace, reuse and reduce” there is a multitude of options for cosmetic packaging made from sugar cane, chalk, wood, recycled plastic (PCR post-consumer recycled) etc.

The partner company for you for the production of Swiss cosmetics

As a manufacturer of cosmetics, Jüstrich Cosmetics produces outstanding speciality cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is founded on the subtle and carefully balanced use of the finest natural raw materials together with the latest cosmetic ingredients. Our partners and consumers throughout the world benefit from our decades of experience.

Jüstrich Cosmetics offers you the best solutions for the manufacture of your cosmetic products. Contact us. We look forward to meeting you.