Goloy 33


Since its foundation in 2004, Goloy GmbH has always focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of beneficial natural products for the enhancement of wellbeing. Many years of research, together with knowledge gleaned from nature, have gone into the development of the unique range of products that is GOLOY 33 Natural Energizing and Nourishing Care, now patented all around the world.

Since June 2014, Goloy GmbH has been managed as a joint venture by ebi-holding and Nahrin Holding. While the ebi group handles the sales and marketing side of the operation, Goloy’s high-quality products are manufactured by Jüstrich Cosmetics AG.

All products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. GOLOY 33 is available exclusively from specialist shops and therapists. In Switzerland more than 370 specialist shops carry this innovative range of cosmetics products. They are also available in Germany, Austria and Holland.

GOLOY 33 is manufactured:

  • WITHOUT oil derivatives, PEG/PEX products, silicon, petroleum jelly, laureth sulphates
  • WITHOUT synthetic preservatives and colourants
  • WITHOUT animal hyaluronic acid, collagen, lanolin
  • WITHOUT micro or nano pigments
  • WITHOUT chemical light protection filters


All skin care products are dermatologically tested.

GOLOY 33 Natural Energizing and Nourishing Care helps the skin to restore its balance from within and to regain its natural equilibrium. It is therefore suitable for all ages and skin types and is particularly suitable for highly sensitive and delicate skin.

The GOLOY 33 Natural Energizing and Nourishing Care range of products is available from pharmacies, non-dispensing chemists and health shops, from cosmetic institutes/studios, spa/wellness centres and therapists.