Jüstrich Cosmetics celebrates its 10th anniversary

Our passion is the development and manufacture of cosmetics from natural products. Our successful market presence that extends beyond the borders of Switzerland is founded on innovative ideas and the latest research findings – and has been for the past ten years. Reason enough to celebrate.

An uncompromising commitment to quality right from the start

The history of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG is the story of a Swiss family company that has turned dreams into reality. Excellence and the highest quality across the board were our maxims from the start.

It all began with a small, innovative company in Eastern Switzerland that made effective emulsions and creams from hand-picked Alpine plants and herbs at its base in Rorschach. In 2007 this success story reached new heights. The cosmetics company was acquired by Nahrin Holding AG, a company that since 1954 has specialised in healthy foods and nutritional supplements. This is the origin of today’s Jüstrich Cosmetics.

Premium cosmetics from Switzerland

Today, Jüstrich Cosmetics is the guarantor of outstanding speciality cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is founded on the subtle and carefully balanced use of the finest natural raw materials together with the latest cosmetic ingredients. Our partners and consumers throughout the world benefit from our decades of experience.

In 2010 the company opened its new carbon neutral site in Berneck, where its state-of-the-art flexible production facility includes a development laboratory equipped with the very latest technology. It provides the best possible conditions for the rapid and persuasive creation of high-quality personal care products.

Our modern production infrastructure, precise consultancy service and many years of market experience ensure that our contract manufacturing is highly efficient and always in tune with the times. Together with our customers we produce private label products to optimal standards.

Quality and passion

Swiss quality workmanship combined with a passionate business culture and the collective power of innovation of our employees – all these strengths have together been the basis of our company for the past ten years. It is something we are proud of. Together with our customers and partners we intend to continue to follow this path into a successful, dynamic and forward thinking future.