Jüstrich Cosmetics at PLMA: Successful products Made in Switzerland

It’s that time once again: PLMA, the “World of Private Label” international trade show in Amsterdam, will be opening its doors to international visitors from 23 to 24 May. And the innovative Swiss company for speciality cosmetics, Jüstrich Cosmetics AG, will also be present with its new skin care products that are setting new trends with their carefully selected ingredients.

This Swiss expert in the development and manufacture of high-quality cosmetic products has for many years been winning customers with its sustainable, natural beauty lines that owe their effectiveness to many years of research. Discerning customers from all over the world value the high quality of its ready-to-sell formulations. Jüstrich offers an extensive range of clean beauty lines that can be tailor-made for customers as private label products. These ready-made concepts mean there are no development costs and customers can launch top-selling products onto the market within a very short space of time.

At this year’s PLMA, Jüstrich will inspire visitors from all over the world once again with two new product lines: Prime Line and Hemp Line.

Prime Line – the best aspects of Swiss Quality

Prime Line comprises eight different face care products and five body care products. All 100% vegan. The astonishing beauty effects of the face care range owe everything to the ingredient CUTIGUARD CLR™, which is based on the highly effective extract of red algae obtained through fermentation. Cutiguard strengthens skin cells, prevents cell senescence and protects ageing skin from stress-related factors. The results are clear to be seen: a youthful-looking complexion with radiant skin tone. The secret to this success is a fusing together of the latest scientific findings and biotechnology with the power of nature.

Fermentation fuels efficacy

Cutiguard has transferred to skin care methods of fermentation used in Asia for centuries to conserve food stuffs. It is basically a biotechnological conversion of substances by bacteria and enzymes. In skin care, this natural process is used to produce extracts.

BARLEY TONIQ® – happy healthy skin

The powerful active ingredient BARLEY TONIQ® is used in all the beauty products in the Prime Line range. It promises to rebalance irritated skin. BARLEY TONIQ® is obtained from upcycled barley using enzyme extraction. The secret lies in the carbohydrates, proteins, polypeptides and amino acids contained in it. They stimulate the recovery of the skin and act as a moisture boost. Its ultra-soothing action is proven to reduce redness.

HEMP LINE – A promising anti-ageing boost

With Hemp Line, Jüstrich is delivering what is currently the most promising trend in the private label beauty segment. Hemp Line comprises nine face care, nine body care and two hair care products. The active ingredients from the hemp plant – cannabidiol, cannabigerol, terpenes and hemp oil – have an exceptionally beneficial effect on sensitive skin. They penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The latest research findings show that hemp boosts the skin’s own repair mechanism and cell regeneration. As inflammation accelerates the ageing process in the skin, this means that hemp cosmetics have a strong anti-ageing effect.